Title: History of the 121st Pennsylvania Volunteers
Publisher: Catholic Standard and Times, Philadelphia
Date Published: 1906
Pages: 85 - 86, 123
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Pennsylvania Regiment, Petersburg, charge
Permissions: public domain
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History of the 121st Pennsylvania Volunteers

The 121st regiment joined the 5th Corps on June 6, 1864. It was placed in the First Brigade of the First Division that was newly formed. Chamberlain having lost command of the third Brigade to General Bartlett, a ranking officer who recently joined the Division, was given this new command that was equally impressive.

Having served under Chamberlain for a little over ten days it is no wonder that this regiment did not know him too well, here they erroneously state, "Colonel J. L. Chamberlain of the first Maine Infantry." It does not appear from this narrative that they had much contact with Chamberlain when this was written in 1893.

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