Title: Pennsylvania at Gettysburg: Ceremonies at the Dedication of the Monuments. Volume 2
Publisher: E. K. Meyers, State Printers, Harrisburg
Published: 1893
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, 143rd PA, one hundred forty third Pennsylvania infantry
Permissions: public domain
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The 143rd Pennsylvania Regiment
Pennsylvania at Gettysburg vol 2
by Pennsylvania Gettysburg Battlefield Commission 1893

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This regiment along with the 121 PA, 142 PA, 149 PA and the 150th PA were all veterans of the Battle of Gettysburg. At the time they all belonged to the First Corps, but for the battle of Petersburg they would be placed in Chamberlain's command in the 5th. Though Chamberlain would command them for less than two weeks at Petersburg they would have a life long love for him. Even though they did not fight together at Gettysburg he was often invited to their reunions and even gave speeches. Above he is seen to the right of the monument, the stone carving of Ben Crippen, who defiantly shook his fist at the advancing Confederates, appears to be shaking his fist at Chamberlain. The juxtaposition will likely delight those who feel that the novel "The Killer Angels" has elevated Chamberlain and his 20th Maine above other deserving regiments; however for this regiment they had nothing but the most sincere affection for the old General.

While this book (at left) is primarily meant to give the history of regiment's actions at Gettysburg, some regiments told their whole story in their submitted histories. On page 688, remembering the charge they made with Chamberlain at Petersburg on June 18th 1864 they declare, "The assault upon Petersburg is one of the most desperate upon a fortified position of all assaults of modern history, eclipsing the siege of Sebastapol and the assault upon the Malakoff."

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