185th New York
Not being able to find a history I include these letters from the regiment.
Chamberlain who was still recovering from his Petersburg wound, did not resume command of the First Brigade until Nov 18th.
In a letter home to his sister, Chamberlain describes destroying the railroad in much the same way as the men here do. However in this account the men believe that General Warren, corps commander, ordered the burning of private property in retaliation for the murder of stragglers. But Chamberlain in his letter home writes, "the men were bent on revenge. I invariably gave [the civilians] the protection which every man of honor will give any woman as long as she is a woman. But I have no doubt they were all 'burnt out' before the whole army got by. It was sad business. I am willing to fight men in arms, but not babes in arms."*

After the raid the regiment went into winter quarters and Chamberlain again went north for another operation on his wounds. He did not return until the beginning of March.
Sadly this account skips over the battles of White Oak Road and Five Forks but it agrees with Chamberlain's descriptions of Appomattox describing the flag of truce being brought to Chamberlain and Lieutenant Clark of the 185 being nearly one of the last people to be killed in the war.

* Nesbitt, Mark. Through Blood and Fire pg 144 - 145

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