1863---The Battle of Gettysburg as Told for the Lewiston Journal by Maine Men---1913
Lewiston Journal June 27, 1913

This interview was conducted a few days before the 50th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg. Chamberlain would prove too sick to attend the reunion, but clearheaded enough to relate this account.
    Chamberlain mentions writing James C. Rice's obituary in 1864. Chamberlain had attended Rice's funeral in May before returning to the Army from sick leave, but it is possible that after being wounded in June he took time to compose an obituary.*
    On page 6 the writer of this article asks Chamberlain about the rumor that George Washington's ghostly form was seen riding across the battlefield at Gettysburg. This story Chamberlain first told in Through Blood and Fire at Gettysburg page 896 saying, "Let no one smile at me! I half believed it myself."