Title: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, vol 5
Publisher: B. Singerly, Harrisburg
Date: 1870
Author: Samuel P. Bates
Keywords: 198 Regiment Pennsylvania, Civil War
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198th in "History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers"

This history remembers some of the conversation at the formal surrender:
"After the surrender of Lee, the rebel General Ewell, in speaking of this battle, told General Chamberlain, that the One Hundred and Ninety-eighth, supported by the One Hundred and Eighty-fifth New York, and one battery of the Fifth United States Artillery, were fighting no less than three brigades of the best Confederate troops." pg 466

On page 467 we are offered another look at Major Glenn's gallant charge. " General Chamberlain, who had witnessed this gallant and triumphant charge, rode forward to congratulate the leader, and order his promotion on the field. But, alas!..."