Title: Henry Wilson's Regiment History of the 22nd Regiment Massachusetts Infantry
Publisher: Rand Avery Company, Boston
Date: 1887
Author: John L. Parker
Keywords: twenty second Massachusetts regiment, Civil War,
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Henry Wilson's Regiment
History of the 22nd Massachusetts Infantry
by John Lord Parker 1887

Part of the old First Brigade they became part of the Second Brigade before the Battle of the Wilderness. Their commander Colonel William Tilton took command of Chamberlain's New First Brigade after he was wounded at Petersburg. Colonel Tilton's Petersburg report can be see at: Official Reports Petersburg

Chamberlain in his 1882 speech The Surrender of Lee's Army remembers the 22nd at the surrender of Lee, but it appears as though they left the front after Chamberlain's wounding, only Tilton remaining in command of Chamberlain's Brigade until August 24 after which a new First Brigade was formed, see page 485. Perhaps a few soldiers who had longer enlistments stayed on.

For a brief history of the regiment see James L. Brown, Massachusetts in the War