Title: Massachusetts in the War
Publisher: C. W. Calkins, Boston
Date: 1889
Author: James L. Bowen
Keywords: thirty second Massachusetts regiment, civil war,
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Massachusetts in the War

The 32nd Mass. was part of the Second Brigade during the battle of Petersburg but became part of the Third Brigade in October 1864, see page 492.

As mentioned in the notes for The Story of the 32nd Regiment Mass, there has been confusion in regimental histories as to who commanded the First Division for the formal surrender as is seen here on page 495. Bartlett outranked Chamberlain and was in command since the battle of Five Forks when General Griffin replaced Warren as commander of the 5th Corps. The confusion stems from the fact that Chamberlain, who by request was transferred back to his old Third Brigade, was placed in charge of the surrender ceremony. Not wanting to exclude the two brigades that he previously commanded from the ceremony, Chamberlain begged permission to have them as well. Bartlett acquiesced. After the surrender Bartlett was transferred to another corps and Chamberlain was placed in command of the First Division. This may have been a sign of favoritism towards Chamberlain from Griffin. But for whatever the reason Bartlett was then out of the picture. When recalling all of this some histories simplify the account to be that Chamberlain took command of the Division after Griffin was promoted. The confusion is understandable because Chamberlain was indeed in command of them while the ceremony was taking place.

See page 594 of The History of the Corn Exchange Regiment for comparison.