Title: History of the 9th Massachusetts Battery
Author: Levi Wood Baker
Publisher: The Lakeview Press, Framingham
Date Published: 1888
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Petersburg, Civil War, battle,
Permissions: public domain
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History of the 9th Massachusetts Battery
by Levi Wood Baker 1888

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This Battery came under Chamberlain's command during his charge at Petersburg, Virginia on June 18th 1864.
    After Chamberlain was shot through his hips and left for dead on the battlefield, John Bigelow, who commanded the guns, sent the order to pick up the wounded Chamberlain, (see page 123) Bigelow tells how Chamberlain tried to send the men away.
    Chamberlain in his own account adds that he then told the men it was an order, "'Begging pardon,' they said 'but you are not in command now.' This rather roused me, which only seemed to prove to them that I was worth saving."1
    Years later Bigelow would write Chamberlain citing all that Chamberlain had accomplished after Petersburg, he declared "it is better to follow... the order of a well Captain than those of a wounded General."2

For other tidbits see document page 81, 120 - 129, 216, 255

The quotations by Spear on page 122 are taken out of the Congregationalist, see Gen. Chamberlain's Courage.
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