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Letters from Chamberlain to Gov. Coburn
September 19, 1863 and October 28, 1863

Not having a doctor during the Battle of Gettysburg, Dr. Shaw arrived not long after, the men of the regiment quickly took to him. Chamberlain writes in September,
I have consulted with the officers of the 20th, & find that they would prefer (so far as I can discover) Dr. Shaw, our present assistant surgeon, to any stranger or any other person except, perhaps, Dr. Martin. I have not the slightest objection to Dr. Wescott, but I belive the Regiment would be better pleased with Dr. Shaw. he deserves promotion I think, although he has been with us but a short time.
An then again in October Chamberlain states,
Dr. Shaw is giving the best of satisfaction - few surgeons within my observation have been so faithful & have won the general good will of the Brigade, to the degree he has. I trust it may be convenient to you without embarrassment, to promote them.