Title: War Papers Volume 4
Publisher: Lefavor-Tower, Portland
Date Published: 1915
Keywords: Petersburg, wound, General, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Permissions: public domain
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Chaplain Rev. John S. Sewall visits Chamberlain at Annapolis Naval School Hospital
War Papers Volume 4, 1915

    Sewall was a classmate of Chamberlain's at Bowdoin and would later teach at the school while Chamberlain was it's President.
    This visit most likely occurred sometime after July 22, 1864. Before that time Chamberlain would have been too ill to be out of bed.
    (I love how he found Chamberlain in the school library, I wonder what he was reading. Military books or pleasure?)

    Sewall mentions a note from Grant promoting Chamberlain on the field, brought by General Warren. This note is possibly a different note than the one seen in At Annapolis that note was sent by telegram on June 20th and addressed to Chamberlain already at Annapolis. Another note brought to him on July, 4th by Charles Gilmore was the confirmation of the commission by congress. (Gilmore possibly could have brought the original handwritten note along with the confirmation.) 1
    A newspaper saying, "He had the autograph of General Grant to a promotion..."2 Seems to indicate along with Sewall's account that Chamberlain received a handwritten note from Grant, however the Official Reports only show the promotion sent on the 20th. Chamberlain in his own account recalls Griffin coming to him at the field hospital telling him, "Grant has promoted you! He has sent his word! He will write an order about it." 3
    The reason for all these notes is likely that no one believed Chamberlain would long live and they wanted him to know of his promotion before he died.
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