Title: Personal Recollections of the War of the Rebellion: Addresses delivered before the commandery of the state of New York, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Third Series.
Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York
Date Published: 1907
Author: A. Noel Blakeman
Pages: 260 - 280
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, biography, history, Battle of Appomattox, Samuel Wylie Crawford, George Meade, Charles Griffin, Robert E. Lee, John B. Gordon, Surrender, General, Fifth Corps, 5th Coprs
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Bayonet! Forward: My Civil War Reminiscences

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This paper was read before the New York Commandery of the Loyal Legion on October 7, 1903.
    While very similar to the chapter by the same name is his book The Passing of the Armies, this speech has one noticeable omission. Before the account of Ord riding up with his order, Chamberlain adds an account of Griffin riding up to him, "'General,' he says, 'I want you to go back and bring up Crawford's Division. He is acting in the same old fashion that got Warren into trouble at Five Forks. He should have been up here long ago. We need him desperately. He deserves to be relieved of his command.'" Shocked Chamberlain asked for an explanation. "I mean to put you in command of that division." Griffin responded.
    While Crawford was no longer living at the time Chamberlain gave this speech, Chamberlain still thought it wise to leave out this account, but he included it in his book that was left to be published after his death.
    The Five Forks incident addressed in the Warren Court of Inquiry was not the fist time Crawford had failed to give the First Division support. Arriving late on Little Round Top at Gettysburg and failing to give proper support once he arrived, Crawford would try to take credit for holding the hill. See Big Round Top