At Home with General Joshua L. Chamberlain in Old Longfellow House
Lewiston Journal August 17 - 21, 1907

This may be the only account where Chamberlain reveals the name of the war horse who carried him in the latter battles of the war. While Prince was the magnificent white horse he rode off to war on, Charlemagne would see more battles and come home a battle scarred hero.
    The newspaper reporter is quite proud of having pried out of Chamberlain a story of a duel on Little Round Top. Though it seems hard to believe, Andrew Tozier a member of the color guard recounts nearly the same thing in his Story of Little Round Top. Though Tozier remembers Chamberlain fighting a Colonel of a Carolina Regiment. Did this reporter exaggerate in this account and Tozier merely repeated it a year later, or is their some truth to it? I'll let you decide.