Title: The Blue and the Gray
Publisher: Brady, Mace & Co., Bangor
Date Published: 1884
Author: Reverend Theodore Gerrish
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Theodore Gerrish, Twentieth Maine, 20th Maine, Enlistment, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Civil War,
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The Blue and the Gray
by Theodore Gerrish 1884

On page 712 Gerrish states of the battle of steam mill, as he calls the battle on the 29th of March, " Bartlett's brigade of Griffin's division arrived upon the field in time to assist in driving the Confederates from the field." However in his other work, Army Life, written two years before Gerrish states, "We found that our brigade had not been engaged, but that General Chamberlain with his brigade had fought a severe battle with the enemy on the Boydston Plank road, and had carried their position with heavy loss. General Chamberlain had gallantly led his troops in their charge, had been slightly wounded, and had received nearly a dozen bullets through his clothes..."
    In the Passing of the Armies Chamberlain claims that regiments were sent from other commands, but Bartlett's whole brigade did not come up because Griffin knew that would take the Command and glory from Chamberlain.

It seems strange that Gerrish's account would become less accurate two years later, but possibly others in the regiment informing him they were in the battle convinced Gerrish that Bartlett must have come up with the third brigade.