Bowdoin Homecoming

This article was written by a former student of Chamberlain's who now was a correspondent for the New York Times. The writer remembers Chamberlain as his favorite teacher at the College, "the only one they really loved."

On page 3 the author gives a good paraphrase of Chamberlain's speech on the occasion. Being back at the college reminded Chamberlain of the faces of his former students, some of who, like William Morrell of the 20th Maine, had fallen in the war and would return to their alma mater no more. Morrell had left his studies at Bangor Theological Seminary to follow his former professor to the front, his class would be graduating this year without him.1

Those in the know would understand the comment page 5 of the "strange story" The Faculty had gone above and beyond trying to dissuade Chamberlain from going to war, they even sent representatives to the governor to discredit him.2

Chamberlain did accept his old job as Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory, as mentioned on page 5. However he was soon elected Governor of Maine, after four years in office he then would return to the College as its President. For more on this reunion see History of Bowdoin 1927