Title: Bowdoin College Library Bulletin
Publisher: Bowdoin College, Brunswick
Date Published: 1895
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain,
Permissions: public domain
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Bowdoin in the War

This address was presented at the Bowdoin College 100th anniversary dinner on June 28, 1894. A large tent was erected on the south side of campus and a dinner was held for over a thousand returning alums and guests.

Also see page 231 for General Howard's address calling for a return of the military drill at the college. While president of the college (1871 - 1883) Chamberlain had attempted to implement a military drill, unfortunately this was met with so much protest from the students that he was forced to give up the idea.* See Tales of Bowdoin.

*Pullen, John J., Joshua Chamberlain: A hero's life and legacy pg 69 - 75