Title: Minutes of the General Conference of the Congregational Churches in Maine
Publisher: Brown Thurston, Portland
Date Published: 1864
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Permissions: public domain
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Congregational Conference 1864
This conference took place on June 21 - 23, 1864.

From page 4 to 27 Chamberlain's father-in-law George E. Adams, was speaking before the conference seemingly unaware that his son-in-law was severely wounded on the 18th before Petersburg.
    On June 22nd the Bangor Whig and Courier reports the news with a headline on the front page, "Col. Chamberlain, 20th Maine, shot through both thighs, recovery doubtful."
    The next day, before the article telling of the Church Conference it states, "Col. Chamberlain: A dispatch received in this city says, 'Col. Chamberlain is at Annapolis. His case is reported favorable. He has the best of care.'" While news was usually gleaned from New York and Boston papers, this dispatch was sent to Chamberlain's parent's as his sister relates, "The telegram yesterday relieved us a good deal, and we are hoping to hear some thing more to-day..."1

Sometime in August the Theological Seminary submitted a report of the year, see page 60, they list William W. Morrell member of the Junior class as killed in battle, and Chamberlain class of 55, as seriously wounded.

Even though they disapproved of his going off to war, Bowdoin College continued to list Chamberlain as a member of their faculty, see page 63, in a note after this on page 64 they mention his promotion and wounding. At commencement on August 3rd Chamberlain was still at Annapolis, the college might have had him in their thoughts as this year students who had him as professor freshmen year would be graduating. At commencement one year later, the war having ended, Chamberlain would say, "He was thankful to be there, that after so many vicissitudes he had been able to meet them again."2
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