Title: Bowdoin Orient
Publisher: Bowdoin, Brunswick
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Death
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Death in Bowdoin Orient

The student magazine for Bowdoin College the month after Chamberlain's death includes a brief biography and the eulogy by President Hyde.
    Explaining Chamberlain's character Hyde states, "General Chamberlain never hauled down his flag to the low level of what he or any man could easily do or habitually be. All he said and did was bright and burning with an ardor of idealism which in the home was devotion; in the college was loyalty; in the state and nation was patriotism; toward humanity and God was religion. In every great crisis his idealism not only held him true; but became a contagious inspiration to lesser men."

The quote mentioned on page 252 from a student of Chamberlain's describing a "quiet, soft voiced, and exceedingly urbane professor, who to the surprise of everyone, became possessed by the common enthusiasm," is from the book, Autobiography and Miscellanea