Title: Deeds of Valor
Publisher: Perrien-Keydel, Detroit
Date Published: 1907
Keywords: Medal of Honor, Gettysburg, Little Round Top, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Permissions: public domain
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Deeds of Valor: From Records in the Archives of the United States Government - How American Heroes Won the Medal of Honor. Volume 1

As the title of this book states, "from records in the archives of the United States Government," it seems likely that this article was written in 1893 while Chamberlain was being considered for the Medal of Honor. It appears that those being considered for the Medal of Honor were asked to submit a statement and that is what is shown here. Though there is the possibility the authors contacted Chamberlain at a later date.
    Alexander Webb, and Fitz John Porter recommend Chamberlain for the medal. Knowing of his recent sickness (see New York World) Porter declared he was not long for this world.*
    Considering the article's purpose it is not strange that the heroic deeds of others in the regiment are not mentioned here. Chamberlain did recommend others for the Medal of Honor in other letters and mentioned their deeds in other articles and speeches.
*Smith, Diane M. Fanny and Joshua pg 286.