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Credit: Courtesy the Library of Congress Manuscript Division
Permissions: Library of Congress Manuscript Division, Washington D.C. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Papers, Container 9
Patrick DeLacy to Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain 1885

United States Post Office
Scranton, Pa
October 24, 1885

Gen Chamberlain
My Dear Commander

The annual reunion of the 143 PV is the survivors of one of the regiments of your Brigade and the one that charged furthest and stood in the breach nearly all night at when hence you received almost your death wound, 18 June 1864. The 143 PV meets Saturday, Nov 7th, at old Camp Luzerne near Wilkes Barrie, Pa and would be glad to have you with us for once, if not this time some future meeting. May we count on your presence? Write me something to be read at the meeting if you cannot come. It will cheer the old boys hearts to hear from you one of the Brigade Commanders that we all love, as you did refuse to take a drink, when dry, from my canteen in front of Petersburg Va. on June 18th 1864, with the remark, “Keep it, thank you I would not take a drink from an enlisted man going in to battle. You may need it. My officers can get me a drink.” This was a few moments before the charge was ordered. You will no doubt recall our meeting at Brooklyn NY. I was in Company with yourself and Col Murphy.
Truly yours,
P DeLacy
Pres. Association 143