Title: The Life and Times of Nelson Dingley, Jr.
Publisher: Ihling Bros.& Everard, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Date Published: 1902
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Count Out Crisis, Augusta, Election 1880
Permissions: public domain
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The Life and Times of Nelson Dingley, Jr.

Nelson Dingley was a career politician and two times governor of Maine in 1873 and 1874. In 1881 he became a Congressmen in the House and was reelected several times. Dingley also served as editor of the Lewiston Journal. His close ties to the Republican party gave him a first hand look into the Count Out Crisis in Maine in 1880. Page 169 verifies James Blaine's not so peaceful intentions,
"Some of the members of the Republican advisory committee were in favor of the use of force. Mr. Blaine was among them; and he was somewhat out of patience with Gen. Chamberlain because the latter did not use force at the outset. Thomas W. Hyde was sent by Mr. Blaine to Gen. Chamberlain to inform the latter that the Republican leaders had decided to ' pitch the fusionists out the window.'
    'Tom,' said Gen. Chamberlain., 'you are as dear to me as my own son. But I will permit you to do nothing of the kind. I am going to preserve the peace. There is to be no fighting. I want you and Mr. Blaine and the others to keep away from this building.'"
On page 171 this account is able to corroborate the story related in Twelve Days at Augusta of Chamberlain standing up to an angry mob threatening to shoot him.
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