Title: History of the Seventh Regiment, National Guard
Author: William Swinton
Publisher: Fields, Osgood and Co, New York and Boston
Date Published: 1870
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Abner Shaw, Doctor, Dr. Seventh New York, Private, Army
Permissions: public domain
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History of the Seventh Regiment, National Guard
by William Swinton 1870

I have for some time unsuccessfully argued with Abner O. Shaw historians that it was the 7th New York Militia (National Guard) and not the 7th Infantry that Shaw was a member of. An "Albert O. Shaw" is on the Militia roster as serving from May 25, 1862 - September 5, 1862. No Shaws are on the Infantry's roster. This reference (seen on left) from the History of the Seventh Regiment, National Guard, in my opinion settles the question once and for all.

This regiment was rather prestigious in that it contained many of the wealthy of New York City. Another famous Shaw was also a member of this regiment, though not at the same time, Robert G. Shaw of 54th Massachusetts fame.

Items owned by Doctor Shaw while he was in the 7th can be seen in the book "Arms and Equipment of the Union" from Time Life on pages 209 and 225. Shaw as a medical student knew to be cautious of the water and purchased a filtered canteen.

Below is a video of Shaw late in life provided by his family via Tom Desjardin.