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The early and inaccurate announcement of Chamberlain being commissioned colonel of the Twentieth Maine caused problems for the professor who, as he admits in his autobiography, "With wise or unwise forethought the Professor had not consulted his colleagues about this movement. But the mater came out through the papers."
    Quickly writing to the Governor to assure him he was not behind the false reports he added, "I hope your Excellency will not be as disturbed as I am, at these reports and contradictions which are so embarrassing and injurious to me. I do not know any way in which I am to blame for them, and I only hope that at some time I can overcome their mortifying effect by actual service in the field."
    Tom having read the report quickly wrote his brother telling him of how he desired to enlist, "but you know how it is with mother." He felt though, that she would have no objection if she knew he was in Lawrence's regiment.*

An additional clipping from the Free Press 8/15/1862 revealing the tention between the college and Chamberlain has been provided by Tom Desjardin,

Notice how early on Chamberlain is called 'Lawrence Chamberlain,' his name as it was to those he grew up with, Joshua Chamberlain was his father. In his autobiography Chamberlain claims his name was originally only Lawrence Chamberlain, but years later "when about to be written on public records, the mother, loyal to her husband's house, wished to prefix... Joshua."
    In college he is listed as J. Lawrence but as time went on fewer and fewer people would refer to him so informally and often times the middle initial would be copied incorrectly. Only in his letters to his wife and mother was he still Lawrence.

The last Letter to the Whig & Courier was written by brother Tom Chamberlain after the battle of the Wilderness, Lawrence was still on court martial duty while recovering from Malaria.

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*Smith, Diane. Fanny and Joshua pg 118 - 119.