Night on the Field of Fredericksburg

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The first article is anonymous, but it is an exact copy of the one that appeared in the Boston Congregationalist December 25 1884. The one difference being "fatal" was added to the title. The New York Times copy is provided here because the Congregationalist is not fully readable.
    This was discovered through the small note in the Minutes of the General Conference of the Congressional Churches that states, Gov. Joshua L. Chamberlain returned from Florida, and resumed his Lectures on Political Science and Economy... 'Night on the field of Fredericsburg' by J.L.C. is published in Congl'st Dec 25, 84, and 'Last night of Fredericksburg,' March 26, 85. Gen C. lectured before the Dartmouth Lecture Association."

These articles were also reprinted the following year in Camp-fire sketches and Battle-field echoes. The second article having its name changed from "The Last Night of Fredericksburg" to "Last Night at Fredericksburg"
See Last Night at Fredericksburg page 127 and 131.

Part of this appears in the book "The Civil War Archive" page 192, because this book quotes portions of things people have mistakenly believed that these are different sources. Most authors will cite Camp-fire sketches, however the Congregationalist was the first printing.