Title: Five Forks: A Paper Read before the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, Commandery of Maine, May 2, 1901
Publisher: Lefavor-tower Company
Date Published: 1902
Author: Joshua L. Chamberlain
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Charles Griffin, General, Fifth Corps, 5th Coprs
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Bayonet! Forward: My Civil War Reminiscences
Five Forks
Read before the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, Commandery of Maine, May 2, 1901

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This account is for a large part, word for word what Chamberlain records in his book The Passing of the Armies. His book however, goes even more into the mishaps and misunderstandings that lead up to Warren's removal from command of the Fifth Corps. For example in his book Chamberlain remembers that Colonel Locke and Captain Melcher of the 20th Maine were serving on Warren's staff. After a long night, Warren allowed the men to rest before packing up the headquarters. This however lead to an inaccurate report being sent up the chain of command after an artillery officer roused one of the men and demanded to know where the 5th Corps was. The waking Colonel Locke did not realize that the Corps had already reported to Sheridan at Five Forks and mistakenly stated that the Corps was halted to build a bridge at Gravely Run. Chamberlain, who likely gathered this account from the statements to the Warren Court of Inquiry, chose to withhold some of his more controversial statements for the book that would be published after his death.