Title: Woman's Work in the Civil War
Author: Linus P. Brockett and Mary C. Vaughan
Publisher: Zeigler, McCurdy & Co, Philadelphia
Published: 1867
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Isabella Fogg, Nurse, Civl War, Maine
Permissions: public domain
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Isabella Fogg

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Isabella Fogg's commitment to care for soldiers from Maine brought her into contact on occasion with Chamberlain's regiment the 20th Maine. After observing the savage treatment of sick soldiers by the regiment's quartermaster Alden Litchfield, Fogg would boldly write a letter denouncing the man's actions declaring, "a more wicked, profane, cruel, unprincipled man I think could not be found in the State of Maine."1 Litchfield was the same man who demoted George Washington Buck when the sick sergeant refused to get up and cut wood for him. Chamberlain would later promote Buck on Little Round Top correcting the wrong as the soldier's life ebbed away.2
    At Gettysburg Fogg helped to bring in supplies and tend to the wounded and at Petersburg she was serving at City Point when Chamberlain was brought in on a stretcher after being severely wounded. (See Medical Records) Chamberlain was able to help repay Mrs Fogg's kindness after a fall through a hatch on a hospital ship crippled her for life, Chamberlain and other officers succeeded in obtaining a pension for her.
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2Memorial Day 1881 and Through Blood and Fire
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