Governor of Maine Clippings 1867 - 1870

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The story seen on page 8 that Chamberlain tells to the Maine Historical society was that of Calvin Bates pictured above.
   Chamberlain's summery of Bates' letter makes it appear as though Bates was captured at Gettysburg. A look at the actual letter reveals that by "they afterwards" "were captured" Chamberlain meant long afterwards. Bates was captured on May 5, 1864 in the Battle of the Wilderness. After mentioning his actions at Gettysburg Bates describes his capture, "Then in a charge, the regiment commanded by Col. Spear, I was taken prisoner and was in Andersonville, Georgia and Florence, S.C. prisons ten months without a change of clothing and shelter only such as we could make by burrowing in the ground; with very poor and small allowance of rations. Then my feet became diseased with scurvy so that they were cut off with a pair of scissors at the ankle joint. A few days after I was brought into our lines at Wilmington, N.C. "1
    Chamberlain may have been able to help Calvin Bates receive his pension. In his obituary it is recorded that Calvin received a pension of 72 dollars a month. He lived until December 3rd 1889.2
    For clippings on Andrew Tozier's arrest and pardon by Chamberlain see: Andrew Tozier Arrested for Larceny
1Calvin Bates' letter held at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
2New Hampshire Patriot, December 12, 1889.