Title: History of Bowdoin College
Authors:Nehemiah Cleaveland and Alpheus Spring Packard
Publisher: James Ripley Osgood, Boston
Date Published: 1882
Keywords: Bowdoin College, Students, class, professor, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Permissions: public domain
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History of Bowdoin College
by Nehemiah Cleaveland edited by Alpheus Spring Packard 1882

Written while Chamberlain was president of the college, this history gives short biographies of many of Chamberlain's students who were in the war such as: Ellis Spear, John Marshall Brown, Chamberlain's two middle brothers, now both having passed away, as well as a classmate of one, Tom Moses, who was Assistant Surgeon on the hospital ship Connecticut when Chamberlain was placed on board believed to be mortally wounded after the battle of Petersburg.
    William W. Morrell, who here is listed as having studied law, but is elsewhere listed as student at Bangor Theological Seminary. See Bowdoin Homecoming. Alpheus Packard Jr. Son of the Professor. See Packard.
    And lastly, though not one of Chamberlain's students, Gideon Palmer, Surgeon at St. John's College, Annapolis who would daily visit Chamberlain at the Annapolis Naval Academy Hospital. See At Annapolis

For other student Biographies see class histories:
Class of 1860
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Lists of students and teachers can be found in the catalogue:
Bowdoin Catalogue 1848
Bowdoin Catalogue 1849
Bowdoin Catalogue 1850 (Out sick this year)
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Bowdoin Catalogue 1860
Bowdoin Catalogue Fall 1861        (Chamberlain did not actually
Bowdoin Catalogue Fall 1862        teach durring the war.
Bowdoin Catalogue Spring 1862   See Bowdoin Resignation
Bowdoin Catalogue Spring 1863   for explanation.)
Bowdoin Catalogue Spring 1864
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Bowdoin Catalogue 1870
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Bowdoin Catalogue 1878

When Chamberlain first entered college his name was entered on the books as J. Lawrence Chamberlain. According to Chamberlain, he was born as Lawrence Chamberlain, his mother prefixing the Joshua later on in honor of his father and grandfather who were also Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. The family bible differs from this account somewhat showing his name as initially being Lawrence Joshua Chamberlain.