Title: The History of Bowdoin College
Publisher: Loring, Short & Harmon
Date Published: 1927
Author: Louis C. Hatch
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, professor, teacher, president, Ulysses S. Grant
Permissions: public domain
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History of Bowdoin
by Louis Clinton Hatch 1927

This history, though written years after Chamberlain's death, contains a few Chamberlain tidbits not seen elsewhere. For example, on the evening before the reunion of Bowdoin graduates in the war, "General Chamberlain responded briefly to an enthusiastic call. He said: 'I have tried to get Gen. Grant to speak, but he says 'no,' and when he says that word he means it. Lee knows it means something.' Here Gen. Grant, amid cheers, parenthetically said: 'I continue to fight it out on that line.'" pg 122. For more on the reunion see, Bowdoin Homecoming
    Here also we see that President Woods, a pacifist who tried to prevent Chamberlain from going to war, was forced to resign the presidency of the College in the fervor of patriotism after the war. page 123.
    Chamberlain stepped into the roll of interim president but soon was elected governor of Maine. Returning home after serving four years in that office the college lost no time in making him their president. "After accepting the resignation of President Harris the Trustees at once and unanimously chose his successor one of their own number, ex-Professor and ex-Governor Chamberlain, who was then presiding over a meeting of the Alumni Association. The Overseers promptly ratified the choice, a committee then publicly reported the election to General Chamberlain and the announcement was received with applause." page 129