Incidents of the United States Christian Commission

Page 161 tells of Chamberlain's brother John and his work at the battle of Gettysburg.

On page 171 is the sad tale of Captain Charles Billings of the 20th Maine who was wounded at Gettysburg. For another version of this account see: The Civil War in Song and Story. That account adding the surgeon saying, "If he had had a primary amputation, - an amputation, the is, on the field, - he might have recovered, but he could not now." The 20th Maine had been unfortunately without a doctor durring the Battle of Gettysburg, which was why Chamberlain's brother John came out to help as he could.

The story of Lieutenant Wood, who was mortally wounded by an accidental discharge of a gun after the war ended, appears on page 394 it is also told by Chamberlain in The Passing of the Armies on page 313 and by Gerrish on page 289 of Army Life

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