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Bates, Calvin

Governor of Maine, Clippings 1867

Buck, George Washington

Memorial Day 1881
Through Blood and Fire pg 905
Isabella Fogg

Chamberlain, John

Brother John's Visit to Annapolis
US Census
Incidents of the US Christian Commission
Other Chamberlains in the News

Chamberlain, Joshua (father)

US Census
Other Chamberlains in the News

Chamberlain, Thomas (brother)

US Census
Other Chamberlains in the News

Chamberlin, Thomas (150th Pa)

Chamberlain Association of America
History of the 150th Regiment, Pennsylvania

Chamberlain, Sae

US Census
Other Chamberlains in the News

DeLacy, Patrick

Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania Biography
Patrick DeLacy's Petersburg Account
Patrick DeLacy to JLC 1885

Fogg, Isabella

Woman's Work in the Civil War
Medical Records

Shaw, Abner O.

Maine a History
History of the Seventh Regiment, National Guard
50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg

Spear, Ellis

History of Bowdoin College
The Story of the Raising and Organization of a Regiment of Volunteers in 1862
Dedication of the 20th Maine Monument Gettysburg
The 20th Maine at Little Round Top
General Chamberlain's Courage
Maine at Gettysburg
Ellis Spear vs. Ellis Spear

Townsend, Morris

44th New York Volunteer Infantry
He Lived to Bear His Title
Medical Records

Tozier, Andrew

At Little Round Top
US Census
Andrew Tozier Arrested for Larceny