Biography by the Kennebec Journal

There are a few errors in this; Chamberlain did not immediately resign after shots were fired at Fort Sumter, he had some difficulty being released from his duties at the College.
He was not at the battle of Wilderness, having been placed on court martial duty.
The Petersburg wound did not end his military career, he went back, though barely able to walk, he had to be lifted into the saddle by his men.
As to "The medical history of the world shows no instances of a man recovering from such a wound",
The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion states, "In one hundred and eighty-three reported cases, eighty-seven patients, or 47.5 per cent., survived; though a large majority suffered from grave disabilities, and many from distressing infirmities, which have resulted fatally in a few cases, after years of suffering. The statement in the preliminary report, regarding the uniform fatality of shot perforations of the bladder ... must therefore be partly set aside by the results of later investigation."*