Title: History of Kershaw's Brigade
Publisher: Elbert H. Aull, Newberry, S.C.
Date Published: 1899
Author: D. August Dickert
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Petersburg, Charge, Battle, Rives Salient, Fort Hell, wounded
Permissions: public domain
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History of Kershaw's Brigade

This work shows the Confederate perspective of Chamberlain's charge at Rives Salient.
About four o'clock in the afternoon Mead organized a strong column of assault, composed of the Second, Fifth and Ninth Army Corps, and commanded in person, holding one corps in reserve. The artillery of the four corps was put in position, and a destructive fire was opened upon us by fifty pieces of the best field artillery. The infantry then commenced the storming of our works, but Field's Division had come up and was on the line. General Lee had given strength to our position by his presence, coming upon the field about eleven o'clock, and gave personal direction to the moments of the troops.