Title: Last Days of the Confederacy
Publication: Modern Eloquence Vol 5 F-M
Publisher: Geo. L. Shuman, Chicago
Date: 1901
Author: John Brown Gordon
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, General Gordon, Confederate, Surrender
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Last Days of the Confederacy

In this speech Gordon remembers the surrender,
When the Confederate battleflags had been furled forever, and as a Confederate corps marched to the point where its arms were to be stacked, it moved in front of the division commanded by that knightly soldier, General Joshua L. Chamberlain of Maine. That brilliant officer called his command into line and saluted the Confederates at a "present arms" as they filed by, a final and fitting tribute of Northern chivalry to Southern courage.

    Gordon had given a similar speech in 1893 where Chamberlain had been present. He revealed the name of the officer who was placed in command of the surrender ceremony by dramatically turning to shake Chamberlain's hand.1
1 Gen. Gordon's Lecture New York Times Nov. 26, 1893