Title: Maine A History
Publisher: The American Historical Society, New York
Date: 1919
Author: Louis Clinton Hatch
Keywords: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Governor, Senate race, polotics, James G. Blaine,
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Maine A History
by Louis Clinton Hatch 1919

The book is opened to pages on Chamberlain as Governor,
pages 531 - 564 and 560. - 564.
The letter mentioned on page 533 can be see in Gubernatorial Race Clippings
For Chamberlain being considered by the Democratic party for governor see 565 - 567
For background on James G. Blane who the author refers to as, "the most widely known, the best loved and the most hated man in Maine history." see pages 548 - 560.
For Chamberlain's support of President Hayes see page 587
For notes on the Civil War see pages, 479, 486, 488 - 489.
For the Senate race page 569.
For the Count out Crisis of 1880 see pages 593 - 619.

For a brief blurb on Bowdoin Presidency see volume 3

For a biography on Doctor Shaw see Doctor Abner O. Shaw