Many Mementoes and Treasures of Gen. Chamberlain in Summer Home of His Adopted Niece Near Meadows
Lewiston Journal December 15, 1923

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The photo is of Chamberlain (hand over heart) and the 143rd Pennsylvania around their monument at Gettysburg, it was taken on September 28, 1910 the day after the dedication of the State of Pennsylvania monument where Chamberlain had also given a brief speech.1
    While Chamberlain did not command the 143rd during the battle of Gettysburg, he would later command them at Petersburg, where with other Pennsylvania regiments he made a desperate charge that nearly cost him his life. This experience bound these men to Chamberlain even though they were only under his command for a few weeks. Because of this bond he was invited to their Gettysburg reunions.
    In an invitation to a 1901 reunion Patrick DeLacy writes, "It would do the old boys hearts good to meet and greet you once more, for many of us have vivid memories of the 18th of June 1864, when you led the Pennsylvania Brigade into the never to be forgotten assault on the main line of the enemy at Petersburg, Va That we failed was not your nor our fault. The combination of our Corps Commanders failed and we were not properly sustained on our flanks; therefore we got the punishment and glory of the charge – but not the victory. But we venerate you all the same..."2

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