Title: Memorial Services of George G. Meade Post No 1
Publisher: Times Printing House, Phladelphia
Date Published: 1880
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, George Meade, speech, address, Civil War, battle,
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Memorial Day Services in Honor of General Meade
May 29, 1880

This speech offers the reader an inside look into Chamberlain's reasons for going to war. This is the closest speech I have come to the imagined speech that is presented by Michael Shaara's in The Killer Angels I suppose that you could sum this one up with - what we are fighting for, in the end, is each other.
    Having helped prevent bloodshed in Maine over an election crisis only a few months before, Chamberlain had fresh on his mind reasons why citizens should place the unity and peace of their country over their own wants and needs.
    As he has in other speeches Chamberlain alludes to his own experiences when speaking of soldiers in general. "mothers sending their first-born and their youngest; wives holding not back the fathers of their babes; sisters and lovers loosening from their arms their life's hope and joy." Chamberlain was the oldest child of five, Tom who went to war with him was the youngest, he had a loving sister Sarah as well as a wife and two kids left behind at home.

In a letter on page 21 Chamberlain expresses concerns over being able to come so far to give this speech. As it turns out he was giving testimony at the Warren Court of Inquiry in New York City May 18th, so making it to Philadelphia was not as hard as it would be from Maine.