Memorial Day Bangor Maine 1870

Bangor is a town across the river from Chamberlain's boyhood hometown. It also contained Bangor Theological Seminary where Chamberlain studied after graduating from Bowdoin. These facts gives this speech added interest.
    Drawing from his own experience as he often does, Chamberlain states, "We were astonished when we saw these boys so peacefully reared, so gently nurtured, so taught to rely on moral rather than physical forces - we were amazed when we saw them standing like the steadfast rock, unmoved by storm or flood or fire." Then he goes on to say, "Be glad, ye mothers, whose nurture reared such nobleness! Be proud, fathers, that your blood emblazons the bright flag of enfranchised man!" Speaking to all mothers and fathers, but it is likely his own were in the audience.