Title: The Shenandoah Campaigns of 1862 and 1864 and the Appomattox Campaign 1865
Publisher: Military Historical Society of Massachusetts, Boston
Date Published: 1907
Author: Charles H. Porter, William W. Swan
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, White Oak Road, Quaker Road, Five Forks, Charge, Battle, Petersburg, General Warren, Sheridan, Griffin, Court of Inquiry
Permissions: public domain
Other places to view online:
Operations of the Fifth Corps on the Left, March 29, to Nightfall March 31, 1865; Gravelly Run
by Captain Charles H. Porter
Read before the Society 11 January 1886
See pages 209 - 234

The Fifth Corps at the Battle of Five Forks
by Captain Charles H. Porter
Read before the Society 13 May 1889
See pages 237 - 255

The Five Forks Campaign
by Brevet Lieutenant Colonel William W. Swan
Read before the Society 15 November 1886, 10 January 1887 and 11 April 1887
See pages 259 - 408

The Warren Court of Inquiry sparked interest in the battles of Quaker Road, White Oak Road and Five Forks. The participants reviewed the testimony before the court and offered their own views and opinions as seen here in these speeches. In both the court testimony and the later analysis Chamberlain's actions stood out.
    Chamberlain up until this point had focused his speeches on Gettysburg and the Surrender. But the Warren Inquiry and other's writings such as these prompted Chamberlain to start writing speeches on these later battles as the turn of the century neared. Speeches such as White Oak Road and Five Forks he would later incorporate into his book The Passing of the Armies.

-For the Hunton quote mentioned at the bottom of 321 see Warren Court of Inquiry page 321 or Autobiography of Eppa Hunton