Title: My Life in the Army
Author: Robert Tilney
Publisher:Ferris & Leach, Philadelphia
Date Published: 1912
Keywords: Fifth Corps, Appomattox, Surrender ceremony
Permissions: public domain
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My Life in the Army: Three years and a half with the Fifth Army Corps
by Robert Tilney 1912

Tilney, originally belonging to the 12th New York that was later consolidated with and renamed the 5th NY, served as a clerk at the Fifth Corps Headquarters. Most of the beginning of his book relates interesting incidents that occurred behind the lines of battle.
- Page 205 mentions the Battle of White Oak Road.
- 213 quotes The Fifth Army Corps and its description of the formal surrender.
- On page 237 Tilney describes writing a speech that an officer dictated. He does not give the officer's name, but we see in Chamberlain's The Passing of the Armies that it is almost word for word the speech that Chamberlain records as having given the night before the Grand Review.
- Pages 239 - 241 Tilney describes the candle light tribute paid to their officers. "The First Division" is of course Chamberlain.
In this account Griffin was not present, however in Under the Maltese Cross the author remembers differently. But both accounts agree it was Chamberlain who stood up and gave the speech.
The wreath observed around the division flag could possibly be the one Chamberlain described a woman attempting to give him during the grand review when his horse Charlemagne would not allow it.