Title: The War of the Rebellion A compilation of the Official Records. Volume 40 part 1.
Publisher: Government Printing Office, Washington
Date Published: 1892
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Petersburg, Civil War, battle,
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Official Reports Petersburg
The War of the Rebellion Official Records volume 40 part 1

Detail of image from OR atlas showing the positions of the Army of the Potomac July 28, 1864. Original can be viewed at: baylor.edu

Page 223 For the return of casualties from June 15 - 30
Chamberlain's brigade accounted for 314 of the First Division's 743 casualties. Years later Chamberlain penciled in "+ me" in his letterbook raising the numbers to 315 and 744 respectively.1

Page 455 William Tilton reports taking over Chamberlain's brigade after Chamberlain is wounded. He describes Sweitzer's brigade moving towards the ravine, all but one of his regiments being to the right of the road. Chamberlain on his left.

Page 473 General Cutler reports a 3:20 attack with Ayres on his left not receiving word in time to attack.

Page 475 Col. William Hofmann of Cutler's 4th Division describes a 3:00 attack.

Page 481 Charles Wainwright describes the positions of the artillery. He describes Mink's and Barnes' batteries being right of the Taylor house. "Right" refers to the line of battle and in this case would be north and as seen in the map above. This would place Mink near the future site of the Crater. Bigelow and Hart are mentioned as moving behind Chamberlain's brigade across the railroad cut to the south.

Page 477 The 3rd Delaware of Hofmann's brigade describes after crossing the railroad swinging until they held a line at a 75 degree angle to the railroad.

Page 486 Richardson lists his position on the 18th as at 8am 600 yards infront of and 300 yards to the right of headquarters, then moving forward 200 yards and right 100.

Page 488 Charles Minks describes his location as right (meaning north) of the 5th Corps opposite the reservoir. The Reservoir not seen on this map was across the Jerusalem Plank Road opposite the Taylor house.

Page 490 Anderson reports engaging batteries 18 and 19 on the 17th and advancing with Cutler on the 18th.

Page 523 Burnside describes his position on the 18th as near the Taylor house and the place where the stream crossed the railroad.
1 Trulock, Alice Rains, In the Hands of Providence pg 465.