Title: The War of the Rebellion Official Records Volume 46 part 3
Publisher: Government Printing Office, Washington
Date Published: 1894
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Civil War, battle,
Permissions: public domain
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Official Reports 1864 - 1865

For Chamberlain see pages 256, 301, 308, 691, 707, 730, 731, 863, 922, 923 - 924, 970, 995, 1011, 1021, 1029, 1068, 1068, 1076, 1102, 1107, 1115, 1120, 1128, 1135, 1186 - 1188, 1292, 1302, 1303 and 1311

Chamberlain would write in The Passing of the Armies, "On the moring of the 11th our division had been moved over to relieve Turner's of the Twenty-fourth Corps, Army of the James, near the Court House, where they had been receiving some of the surrendered arms, especially of the artillery on their front, while Mckenzie's calvary had received the surrendered sabers of W.H.F. Lee's command."
This order we can see on page 706.
Chamberlain claims that after hearing that he was to command the surrender ceremony he asked for his old command back, the one that contained his old regiment, the 20th Maine. Page 707 shows order concerning Chamberlain's changing command.
Unfortunately there are no reports showing the surrender parade that occurred on the 12th, It was understood by all involved that Chamberlain was in command with Bartlett graciously allowing him to have the whole Division out for the ceremony. The History of the Corn Exchange Regiment 118 Pennsylvania would state, "General Bartlett, commanding the division, sent the 1st Brigade and also General Gregory's 2nd Brigade, which had served under General Chamberlain during the entire campaign, to take their places in the parade." Newspaper clippings of the day would recall Chamberlain being in command and others would describe the ceremony as seen here on the right: The Surrender of Gen. Lee
    The next day, on page 731, we see Chamberlain's promotion as well as Bartlett still allowing Chamberlain to oversee the collection of arms, this time the ones that had been left behind. By April 20th, we see on page 863, that Chamberlain is now in Command of the Division, on page 894 we find Bartlett reporting to the 9th Corps for assignment. A somewhat curious turn of events made more interesting by a observation by a reporter made days before at the Battle of Five Forks where, after Griffin's promotion, he had expected Chamberlain to take Griffin's place at the head of the Division. Quaker Road, White Oak Road and Five Forks

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