Other Chamberlain's in the News

Here are a few news items covering some other members of the Chamberlain family. Brothers Tom Chamberlain and John Chamberlain, Sister Sae Chamberlain and the father of the house Joshua Chamberlain.

In his autobiography Chamberlain relates that the fire in his boyhood home spared all the objects in the innermost treasure-room, save one, and old white hat. This fur hat his father had bought for him when he was a boy and made him and his brothers wear it on special occasions much to their chagrin. Later at a family gathering Chamberlain would read a poem he wrote in honor of the hat a portion of it reads,

Neath that hat sees faces four;
Two, that safely passed death's portal,
Bright with youth and truth immortal:
Two, still marred by time and strife,
Battling up the crests of life...
So there came a flame of fire,
Not with terror, not with ire,
But strong messenger of love
Mightier things than death to prove.
Through the house he lightly sprung,
Straight to where the old hat hung;
Nothing common touched he there.
One sole thing his sacred care;
Priest-like to be pure he turned,
On the alter blessed and burned;
Wrought his ministry of love,-
Bore the white hat soft above.
Now it knoweth no decay
Precious in our sight alway,
Till the father and we four
Live again the days of yore.