Newspaper Clippings on Petersburg

The dispatch "received in this city" (Bangor) referred to on June 23rd is likely the same that Chamberlain's sister Sae referred to in her letter to Lawrence of the same date. "We received a dispatch from Annapolis yesterday that you had arrived there and that your wound seemed more favorable. Mr. Tenny sent us a dispatch the day before from Brunswick an hour or two before it came out in the Bulletin at first we were entirely over come and could hardly endure the suspense. Mother and I, both are entirely sick to-day. The telegram yesterday relieved us a good deal, and we are hoping to hear some thing more to-day..."1

News that was not sent by telegraph traveled slow leaving Bangor, Brewer and Brunswick, Chamberlain's boyhood and current hometowns in suspense for days or even weeks.

Chamberlain was furloughed from the hospital September 30th, however the Whig and Courier did not learn of his homecoming until October 12. It seems likely that he slipped into town quietly and rested at home for a week or more before venturing outside.
1Smith, Diane. Fanny and Joshua pg 154.
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