Title: The War of the Rebellion Official Records volume 40 part 2
Publisher: Government Printing Office, Washington
Date Published: 1889
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Petersburg, Civil War, battle,
Permissions: public domain
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Official Reports Petersburg
The War of the Rebellion Official Records volume 40 part 2

Detail of image from OR atlas showing Rives Salient. Original can be viewed at: baylor.edu

Page 176 shows Meade ordering Warren to make a simultaneous attack at 12 noon.

Page 179 at 2:00 Warren talks of a 3 p.m. attack, possibly after getting communication back from Chamberlain. 2:20pm General Meade growing impatient orders Warren and Burnside to attack.

Page 180 T. Lyman reports that the 5th Corps will attack at 3pm He again appears to have observed Chamberlain, reporting at 4 pm, "Our left advanced under heavy fire and entered a small ravine close to their works, but could not get farther." Warren confirms this in his report that follows.

Page 182 at 7:30 Warren reports Chamberlain wounded.

Page 187 has a confusing string of orders and responses from Cutler declaring at 1:30 he had received a blank piece of paper instead of an order and that "Colonel Chamberlain understands that he was to take the crest where I am." He then claims he charged at 3:00 in a mysterious note that appears to be a response to a question on whether Cutler received the order and charged. In his own account Chamberlain denies being supported by Cutler stating that when attempting to coordinate the attack with him Cutler cut him off saying, "I do not take orders from you!" and then declared, "I shall know what to do when the time comes"1 It may be that with Chamberlain at the front of his lines and Cutler not moving until 3:20 that Chamberlain never noticed Cutler's support. DeLacy in his account thought he saw Cutler to their left but Cutler's men broke back and offered no more support.2

Page 216 - 217 is a copy the recommendation for promotion sent by General Warren on the 19th and forwarded by Meade to Grant.

Page 236 Grant issues the promotion on June 20th and forwards it to Annapolis. See At Annapolis and The Crutch

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For sick leave from January 13th see: The War of the Rebellion Official Records volume 46 part 2

1 Smith, Diane. Chamberlain at Petersburg. pg 59
2 Patrick DeLacy's Petersburg Account