Battles of 1862 - 1863

In September 1862 the newly formed 20th Maine under the leadership of Adelbert Ames with Chamberlain as Lieutenant Colonel joined with the Third Brigade, First Division 5th Army Corps just before the battle of Antietam. By May 1863 Chamberlain was colonel in command of the regiment just in time for the Battle of Gettysburg and by July he would have temporary command of the brigade whose regiments are as follows:

20th Maine Infantry

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83rd Pennsylvania Infantry

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44th New York Infantry

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16th Michigan Infantry

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140th New York Infantry

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(June 5, 1864 - June 18, 1864)
Though Chamberlain would command these six regiments for less than two weeks he would still make a lasting impression on many of them.
These regiments made up the First Brigade of the First Division that was newly formed. Chamberlain having lost command of the Third Brigade to General Bartlett, a ranking officer who recently joined the Division, was given this new command that was equally impressive.

121st Pennsylvania Infantry

The History of the 121 Pennsylvania Infantry

142nd Pennsylvania Infantry

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143rd Pennsylvania Infantry

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149th Pennsylvania Infantry

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150th Pennsylvania Infantry

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187th Pennsylvania Infantry

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9th Massachusetts Battery

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22nd Massachusetts Infantry

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5th Massachusetts Battery

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Battles of 1864 - 1865

Barely able to walk Chamberlain returned to the Army Oct 11, 1864. By this time the First Brigade had been reformed and contained only the following two regiments. To make up for the loss Chamberlain was also assigned command of the Second Brigade.

198th Pennsylvania Infantry

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History of Cambria County Pennsylvania

185th New York Infantry

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This battery fell under Chamberlain's command during the battle of Quaker road.

Battery B, Fourth U. S. Artillery

The cannoneer: recollections of service in the Army of the Potomac

The Third Brigade (see first column) by this time had lost the 44th New York, their enlistment being up, but had gained the following regiments. Briefly commanding this brigade before and after the Battle of Petersburg, Chamberlain would not command it again until after the surrender.

118th Pennsylvania Infantry

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155th Pennsylvania Infantry

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32nd Massachusetts Infantry

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91st Pennsylvania Infantry

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