Title: The 20th Maine at Gettysburg
Publisher: Portland Press
Date Published: unknown
Credit: Pejepscot Historical Society. Clipping John's Diary
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Ellis Spear, Gettysburg accont,

The 20th Maine at Gettysburg - Spear's letter to the Portland Press

This anonymous letter to the Portland Press appears in Chamberlain's brother John's Diary with the note "Capt Spear's Letter" presumably it was written durring the war not long after the battle.

Contrary to his later claims Spear writes,
"but just at this critical moment, in the hottest part of the fight, when it was perhaps uncertain whether we should hold the place assigned us or be driven back, the Colonel ordered a charge! Nothing could have been more opportune. It saved the regiment perhaps from defeat and certainly gave it all the success which was gained. The men encouraged by the order, rushed down over the slope with yells and so quickly that the rebels who were concealed amongst the rocks nearest us had not time to escape. All who could ran."

The last paragraph which is hard to read says,
"Col. Chamberlain handled the regiment in a splendid manner. Though constantly exposed to the hottest of the fire, no officer could be cooler, or more skilled and prompt to make use of favorable opportunities. He was personally complemented by Brigade, Division and Corps Commanders."

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