Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Ellis Spear, Gettysburg, Little Round Top, Melcher, charge
Source: Library of Congress Manuscript Division, Washington D.C. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Papers.
Ellis Spear to JLC May 22, 1895

"I received orders directly from you to bend back a little the two left companies, when I had reported to you that the enemy was extending beyond our left. I did so, slightly bending back two companies to more directly face the enemy at that point. I do not think that that Land was in command of company H, at that time for I distinctly remember that he was with me on the left assisting in steadying the line and was with me when we charged. I got no orders during the fight excepting from you directly. Capt. Keen was in command of company F, and was present at the battle. I do not remember to have seen him during the fight, his company was the color company, he being at that time the third Capt. in the line. I never before heard of Melcher suggesting an advance. For myself, as I said, the only orders I had were from you directly."

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