Title: Bowdoin Under Fire
Publisher: Press of Kennebec Journal, Augusta
Date Published: 1901
Author: John C. Minot and Donald F. Snow
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Professor, Bowdoin College
Permissions: public domain
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Tales of Bowdoin
by John C. Minot and Donald F. Snow 1901

Bowdoin Under Fire offers a rare glimpse of Chamberlain as a young professor at Bowdoin whose interests began to turn to war. Here Charles Curtis refers to Chamberlain only as "the Professor," but there is no doubt who he means. For another view of the young professor see Autobiography and Miscellanea

See also pages 69 and 283 - 286 for incidents during Chamberlain's presidency and the drill rebellion.

This book was discovered by Diane Monroe Smith and referenced in her book Fanny and Joshua