Title: The Red Cross
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Charles Griffin, Fifth Corps, First Division
The Red Cross

In The Passing of the Armies Chamberlain recalls that Griffin responded,
Your words have overcome me with a sense of what it is to be thus honored by men who have added honor to this symbol. You remind me of what has been the cost of this fame, and what has been the value of this service. You yourself, General, a youthful subordinate when I first took command of this division, now through so many deep experiences risen to be its tested, trusted, and beloved commander , - you are an example of what experiences of loyalty and fortitude, of change and constancy, have marked the career of this honored division. I say to you all, that you have written a deathless page on the records of your country's history, and that your character and your valor have entered into her life for all the future. For myself, having seen and served with you from the first, my affection for you is in the deepest places of my heart, and as often as I shall look upon this token in the coming years, I shall thank God for the manhood that has made it glorious."