Andrew Tozier's Story of Little Round Top

This is quite an interesting account because it shows Chamberlain engaged in a duel on Little Round Top. Though this account comes from an eyewitness, it still seems almost too romantic to believe. The story perhaps grew out of Chamberlain's own accounts of an incident with an officer from the 15th Alabama. While the accounts vary, Chamberlain typically remembers a more immediate surrender of the officer who found Chamberlain's saber tip at his throat, But in the newspaper account At Home with General Joshua L. Chamberlain it is recorded, "In the famous charge on Little Round Top Gen. Chamberlain was met by a rebel officer with this pistol in his hand one barrel of which was discharged full at the general's head. Altho but ten feet away the bullet missed its mark. The officer, who belonged to the 15th Alabama regiment, then drew his sword and rushed at the union leader. Gen. Chamberlain met him with drawn sabre and being the most expert swordsman soon had him at his mercy."
    That account is possibly an exaggeration by the newspaper reporter, and Tozier could have read it and recalled it for this interview, however there is evidence that the quiet professor knew how to use a sword.
    In his autobiography Chamberlain tells of his father teaching him the art of sword fighting, " A delight for summer's variety, and a god-send for sympathetic interests and good fellowship, was the father's coming up to the open garret to give lessons and practice in broadsword exercise - avoided head splitting is as good experience as achieved wood-splitting. This sport grew so serious at last that by mutual consent, and with mutual respect, not unmingled with a proper and personal fear, - each for the other, professedly, the foils and sticks were dropped, and a treaty of 'perpetual peace' concluded, far deeper, in intent and content, than those promulgated under this well-worn phrase by crafty nations that have lost their hoped-for advantage and conclude to watch each other's weakness and their own opportunity."